About Me

I’m just a Mum that has learnt to live with gratitude and has discovered that her passion lies with empowering and inspiring others while giving back to the community.

7 years ago I was “happily” living in a bubble with no concept of the realities of life, however since then I have had major wake up calls that have opened my eyes to the fact I was merely existing. In the space of 5 years I ….

– lost my Dad to Cancer
– battled depression and suicidal thoughts
– battled infertility
– fell pregnant
– suffered a rare life threatening condition during labour and ended up in a coma, on life support and suffering paralysis.
– starved myself and worked out continuously to get that “perfect body”
– discovered Embrace and that my body was pretty amazing just as it was
– lost my Mum to Cancer

It is fair to say my bubble was burst. But I now can be grateful for all those trials because it brought me to where I am. It has allowed me to find my strength, to find my passion and to create a life for myself and my family that is full of adventure and love.

Strong Mumma Tees

Strong Mumma Tees came to life after I tried to find a way to combine all the things I love….

– empowering and inspiring women
– fundraising for worthy causes 
– a business that I can work around my first priority (my family)